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Using bubble wrap on cleaned items from a fire damage.

We Take Care of our Customers

We want to make sure that the content cleaning is done right after a fire. We make sure to use bubble wrap on any items that are fragile. We don't want these items to accidentally break when we replace them in the cleaned home of our clients.

Ceiling Damage from Broken Water Pipe

Ready 24/7 for Disaster Cleanup

Cleaning up a disaster is our job. We are available at all hours of the day. This damage happened early in the morning on weekend. We were able to come that same morning to begin the cleanup of their home.

Containment of Mold Damage

Mold House Needs SERVPRO

We are highly trained in mold remediation. We use the best techniques to keep our technicians and homeowners safe. Containment of mold is necessary for the spores to be removed and not spread throughout the house.

Toilet and sink with sewage rings

Sewage Rings in a Bathroom

The rings in this bathroom were left behind from sewage. The old sewage lines were backed up after a big storm that came though White Bear. We had the place cleaned and the wood floors fixed.

A clogged vent.

Clogged Vent Cleaning for Fire Prevention

A fire may not start in a vent but debris in the vent can cause a fire to move from one room to another faster. Keep your home from more damage by cleaning vents regularly.

Fire Damage In Home

Home Fire and Board Up

Fires can damage a home in many ways. Firefighters also damage homes in order to locate and extinguish the fire. Here at SERVPRO we take care of securing your home while we wait for cleanup and restoration to start.

Flooded commercial building

Metal Studs in Commercial Buildings

Metal studs are great because they are sturdy and easy to assemble. However, they do cause a problem for water damage. We need to remove the drywall to get to the water stuck between the channels of the metal studs.

Ink Damage from Commercial Printer

Commercial Printer Explosion

Nobody likes to be the guy to change the ink to the copy machine. This can happen to anyone. The cleaning should be done by professionals or the ink could set into the carpet.

Flooded Basement from Washing Machine

Washing Machine Problem

I know it is cliche to say that men don't know how to use a washing machine... Sometimes it's true. This home was flooded after using too much soap in the washing machine.

Ceiling Water Damage

Water Forming on Ceiling

An easy sign of water damage is a stain on the ceiling. Not all stains have the water dripping into the floor below. Water damage cleanup can be done in as little as three days.

Mud from Storm Damage

Flooded Bathroom from Storm Damage

The mud from the storm covered this home in Pine Springs, MN. There are many problems that have to be addressed after storm damage. The cleanup needs to begin right away to keep bacteria and mold from growing within the home.

Mold along baseboards.

Baseboard Mold Damage

Heavy storms can cause water to get into your home through cracks in the foundation. This home had a small crack that didn't cause a problem for years. However, after the recent storms the water found its way in but it went unnoticed until it was too late.

Sump pump in basement

Basement Sump Pump Failure

A basement sump pump is vital in keeping out excess water during a storm. They do, however, fail at times that can cause flooding as it did in the basement of this home near White Bear Lake. We provided the cleanup and restoration for the home after the problem.

Condensation on Windows

Don't try this at home.

The reason to call the experts is to lessen the damage that water can do after flooding. The homeowners called us a couple of days late. They extracted water using a dry-vac but it wasn't powerful enough to get the water out of the carpet pad. They also didn't take into consideration the water that had wicked up the drywall and insulation. Now they have a big problem with humidity and mold.

Call the experts and get the job done right the first time. Our experienced team will have your home cleaned and restored quickly and according to standard.

Broken Pipes Leaving Damage

Damage Left from Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe has left water damage in the wall cavity of this home in Saint Paul. The damage can be repaired by calling the leader in restoration. Calls SERVPRO and we'll make it "Like it never even happened."

Burned Exterior of Home

Fire Damaged Exterior

There are multiple reasons why the exterior of a home will be burned. The most common are:

  1. BBQ is too close to the house
  2. Ashtray near the house

Either case is a covered loss that we can take care of for you.

New Bathroom after Water Damage

"Like it never even happened."

That is our "tag line"! We live by it day to day on every water, fire, and commercial damage. We know that any interruption is hard on your home or business. That is why SERVPRO wants our clients to feel like the damage didn't even occur after we are done with remediation and restoration.

State Farm rug being cleaned.

Cleaning our Vendor's Rug

Vendor programs are a big part of the Disaster and Restoration industry. We are proud to be a vendor for State Farm in North Saint Paul, MN. If you are a State Farm insurance holder then you can be rest assured that SERVPRO is their first call.

Clogged Drain and Water Heater

Flooded Basement after Water Heater Leak

The water heater started leaking in the basement of this home near White Bear Lake. The drain became clogged when the water picked up debris from the basement. The leak and the clog caused a few thousand dollars in damage in the flooded basement.

Ceiling Soaked with Water

Water discolors ceiling in Saint Paul, MN

When water drips on a ceiling it starts to spread quickly until the integrity of the drywall finally gives way. Luckily the homeowner called us before the damage went that far. We had the home cleaned and ready for restoration in under three days.

Fire Place from a Chimney Fire

What causes a chimney fire?

A chimney fire starts when there is a lot of buildup that has not been properly cleaned out. The creosote left over by the smoke ignites again and causes smoke and fire to return back into the home. 

Equipment in Senior Living Center

Senior Living Center with Roof Leak

The leaking in this Senior Living center was from a clean water source in the above room. The buckets are good way to keep the water from getting out of hand, but it was our equipment and trained professionals that cleaned the room for the tenant.

Water on Tile Floor

Tile Floor looks like Wood Floor

Tile floors that look like wood do a good job keeping water from getting under the floor. The water that stays on the surface will get wicked up by the floor boards and drywall. It's still important to get it cleaned up quickly by experienced water damage technicians.

Commercial Building with Water Damage

Equipment Lined Hallway

Water damages come in all shapes and sizes. This building was in bad shape until we showed up to start the drying process. We have enough equipment for home and commercial water damage cleanup needs.

Frozen Hose Bib

Remember to Remove the Hose

During the winter months in Saint Paul it can get really cold. It's important to remember to remove the hose from the hose bib that leads into the house. The frozen hose causes a leak inside the house that needs to be cleaned up right away.

Fire Damaged Bathroom

Restoration after Fire Damage

This is what it looks like when the blown in insulation is burned and falls from the ceiling. All the piled up fluff is insulation that had dropped after the ceiling burned and the fire made its way into the attic.

St. Paul Residential Fire

Residential Fire Cleanup Services

Fire damage cleanup in St. Paul can be done locally by calling SERVPRO. We work fast and are the trusted brand by insurance and commercial clients. We take care of soot removal, smoke cleanup, and fire restoration.

Debris Removal after Flooding

Flood Cuts and Debris Removal

After a flood there is a lot of demolition to do in the home before it can be restored. All the contaminated building materials have to be removed and what is left has to be disinfected. Now we are ready for drying and rebuilding.

Confirmed Case COVID-19 Cleaning

Confirmed COVID-19 Cleaning

There are two types of COVID-19 cleaning. There is proactive cleaning and there is cleaning after a confirmed case.

We use EPA registered disinfectants to clean confirmed COVID-19 Cleaning cases.

COVID-19 Cleaning in PPE

Corporate COVID-19 Cleanup

There are companies out there that want to make sure their clients are safe by proactively cleaning their businesses. We were glad to help and are thankful for companies who are looking out for their customers.

Here to help, SERVPRO logo.

SERVPRO North St. Paul White Bear Lake

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